Tanja Canter

Tanja CanterThroughout my life I have been involved in athletics in one form or another. The constant in my life has been horseback riding which really requires a great amount of core strength and balance to accurately control a 1,000 lb. animal. In college I became focused on volleyball and I played on the intercollegiate team for UCSD.

In 2008 a friend of mine decided we should try a triathlon. After my first experience I was addicted and finished 33 out of 550 in my third triathlon. It was during my triathlon training that I realized how important resistance training was for my competitions and more importantly for my overall health.

As a mother of two children my goal is to help moms re-claim back their health and bodies! My training program also focuses on athletes who are training for competitions, horseback riders who want to become stronger and more efficient, and anyone who wants to get in shape for health reasons.